Yoga studio software with streamlined POS functionality

In the fast-paced world of yoga studio management, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Handling class bookings, membership management, and retail sales can be overwhelming without the right tools. This is where a comprehensive yoga studio software with a strong pos (point of sale) system comes into play.

Wellyx, a leading name in yoga studio software, offers an all-in-one solution that seamlessly integrates pos capabilities to revolutionize your studio’s operations.

Automate transactions and reduce risks

The yoga studio software’s pos system allows you to bid farewell to manual transaction processing. The system automates the entire transaction process, from booking classes to selling retail items, reducing the risk of human errors. It is also eligible to keep track of memberships and inventory, manage staff time and attendance, and more.

This enhances the customer experience and eliminates discrepancies in revenue reporting. The yoga pos system ensures that every penny is accounted for, promoting financial transparency.

Payments types: versatility at your fingertips

Wellyx’s yoga studio software with pos system supports a diverse range of payment types, catering to the preferences of your clientele. The software seamlessly processes various payment methods, whether credit or debit cards, mobile payments, or even cash.

This flexibility fosters customer convenience, allowing them to choose their preferred mode of payment, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction and countering zero human error in the payment process.

Yoga Studio Software with POS Systems

Membership benefits: seamlessly managed

Managing memberships has never been easier. The pos system for yoga studio lets you effortlessly handle different membership tiers, packages, and expiration dates. This means that memberships can be sold, renewed, and tracked without any hassle, along with giving customers redeemable points for the next transactions.

The system also sends automatic reminders to members when their subscription is about to expire, ensuring they stay engaged with your studio.

Parked sales & receipts: flexibility redefined

Imagine a scenario where a customer wishes to buy a product but runs late for a class. With yoga studio software, you can park their sale and complete it later, ensuring timely attendance while catering to their needs. The system generates receipts for these parked sales, maintaining transparency in your transactions.

Split & partial payments: catering to all

Sometimes, clients may want to split the membership or class package payment. Yoga studio software’s pos system allows splitting payments among multiple individuals, making it ideal for group bookings or shared memberships. Additionally, partial payments are a breeze, allowing your clients to pay in installments while enjoying the benefits of your studio.

Waitlist management: optimize occupancy

Classes can often fill up quickly, leading to disappointed clients. You can manage waitlists efficiently with the pos system for yoga studio. Interested clients can be added to a waitlist when a class reaches its maximum capacity. As spots open up due to cancellations, the system automatically notifies waitlisted individuals, maximizing your class occupancy and revenue.

Refund, discount & tips: customizable control

Customer satisfaction is key, and sometimes that involves refunds or applying discounts and coupons. The yoga studio software’s pos system lets you easily handle refunds, ensuring a smooth process for you and your clients.

Moreover, the system facilitates the application of discounts, encouraging customer loyalty. Additionally, clients can leave tips through the system, fostering a sense of appreciation for your services.

Yoga Studio Software with POS System

Experience flexibility and convenience with our cloud-based pos system

In today’s interconnected world, flexibility and convenience are paramount. Wellyx’s yoga studio software’s pos system operates in the cloud, allowing you to manage your studio from anywhere at any time.

Cloud-based systems prioritize data security and offer automated backup options. This means that your valuable information is protected against hardware failures and data breaches. You can focus on growing your studio without worrying about data loss.

Manage your yoga studio's payments

In this fast-paced world, mobility is a ground-breaker. Yoga studio software has a user-friendly mobile app that empowers you to manage your studio’s pos system on the go.

With the mobile app, you can process transactions, whether it’s booking classes or retail sales, without being tied to a desk. This flexibility enhances customer experiences and streamlines your operations.

The mobile app ensures you’re always connected to your studio’s pos system. This real-time connectivity lets you instantly address customer inquiries, update schedules, and manage payments from anywhere.


In the competitive landscape of yoga studio management, wellyx yoga studio software emerges as a game-changer. By streamlining transactions, membership management, and retail sales, the system empowers you to focus on what truly matters: delivering exceptional yoga experiences to your clients.

The comprehensive suite of features, including automated transactions, versatile payment options, and customizable controls, ensures that your studio operates smoothly, efficiently, and profitably. Elevate your yoga studio management today with yoga studio software and its state-of-the-art pos capabilities.

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