Yoga Studio Software with Customizable Forms and Waivers

Empower your yoga studio with Wellyx Yoga studio software's digital forms

Yoga studio software with digital forms built Exclusively for Yoga Studios

Yoga Studio Software with Tailor-Made Digital Forms

Customize the look & feel of your forms in real-time

Yoga studio software’s user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder allows you to effortlessly add fields like signatures, text, dates, checkboxes, and more.

Yoga studio software with customizable forms and waivers
Create Your Ideal Form
Yoga studio software with digital forms for data collection
Effortless navigation, essential data
Effortless Data Collection

Organize the collection of vital lead and member data with our instant digital form

Give members the access to view their completed forms, making it especially convenient for managing minimum-term contracts.
Yoga studio software with seamless data collection through forms

Simplify data collection with our yoga studio software's digital form feature. Collect online data, capture e-signatures, and include images and external links to gather useful information seamlessly.

Multi-Page & Mandatory Forms

Split complex forms into user-friendly multi-page forms

Customize rules to designate forms as mandatory or non-mandatory, combining simplicity and power for your convenience.
Yoga studio software with multi-page forms for yoga management
From forms to contracts
Yoga studio software forms for secure data management
From paper to progress
Secure Your Data & Embrace Sustainability

Access your information anytime, anywhere

With our yoga studio software save on supplies and maintenance costs while streamlining data collection for a greener future.

Wellyx Yoga Studio Software Customer Feedback Yoga Leaf

The online booking system has been a hit with my clients, allowing them to easily reserve their spots and receive automated reminders. The customer support has been exceptional, with prompt responses and helpful guidance. Wellyx has truly elevated my studio’s efficiency and professionalism.

Samantha Lee


Frequently Asked Questions

With yoga studio software, you got the flexibility to incorporate fields, checkboxes, dropdown menus, and other elements to your personalized forms and waivers to gather the necessary information from your members.
Automated generation of necessary forms, such as waivers or questionnaires, is seamlessly integrated with member bookings, ensuring a streamlined process.

Certainly! At Wellyx, we recognize the significance of waivers and terms & conditions. With our software, you can seamlessly incorporate these legal documents into your digital forms, enabling members to conveniently read and digitally agree to them, ensuring a secure and efficient process for handling essential legal agreements.

Yoga studio software enables you to efficiently manage and maintain member records by easily searching, filtering, and exporting data as required.

Yes, digital forms are mobile-friendly. Your studio members can conveniently fill out the forms on their preferred device, enhancing the user experience and allowing for greater flexibility in completing necessary documentation.

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