Maximize your yoga studio's revenue with Wellyx Yoga Studio software's #1 waitlist management

Yoga studio software with waitlist management built Exclusively for Yoga Studios

Yoga Studio Software with Waitlist Management

Enable your members to join waitlists when slots are fully booked

Whether it’s classes, workshops, or other bookings, our yoga studio software empowers you to enable waitlists for all or specific offerings.

Yoga studio software for effective waitlist management
Turn fully booked into definitely possible
Yoga studio software with tailored waiting list options
Design your yoga studio's waiting list with precision
Tailored Waiting List Options

Customize the waitlist process to meet your yoga studio's unique needs

With our yoga studio software, you have the flexibility to select who receives notifications or gets booked from the waitlist into a class, event, or booking.

Yoga studio software with yoga studio capacity enhancement

Waitlists are a valuable tool for any busy yoga studio. By incorporating waitlists into your operations, you can maintain full classes, events, and bookings even when some members cancel their reservations. Yoga studio software's waitlist feature ensures that a pre-determined number of members have the opportunity to potentially secure a spot, maximizing your studio's capacity and revenue potential.

Streamlined Payment Automation

Simplify your operations with automated payments for waitlist members

Yoga studio software enables you to automatically book and charge members from the waitlist based on predefined criteria.
Yoga studio software with efficient waitlist automated payments
From waitlist to paid
Wellyx yoga studio with mobile app for easy waitlist management
Join waitlist with a tap of a finger
Enhanced Member Experience

Make joining the waitlist easy for your members with our member app

The app offers a friendly interface, allowing members to effortlessly add themselves to the waitlist and receive notifications when a spot becomes available.
Wellyx Yoga Studio Software Customer Feedback Holistic Yoga

Wellyx has transformed the way I operate my yoga studio. They have made billing and invoicing simple and efficient. I am impressed with the level of customer support provided by the Wellyx team. They are always available to address any concerns or questions promptly.

Michael Turner


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