Operations tools designed to optimize efficiency and increase interaction with members and leads

Operations tools Exclusively for Yoga Studios

Enterprise Software

Our enterprise solution helps you to gain valuable insights to drive your studio's success

From scheduling classes and managing members to generating comprehensive reports and analyzing data, our yoga studio software provides all the tools you need.
Wellyx yoga studio software built for All-in-one yoga management
Comprehensive Scheduler icon

Comprehensive Scheduler

Manage & plan your yoga classes, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation.

Track your Inventory

Track Your Inventory

Organize your yoga studio's merchandise, ensuring that you always have the necessary items on hand.

Manage Your Leads & Members

Manage Your Leads & Members

Track and communicate with leads, as well as maintain strong connections with your existing members.

Yoga studio software to monitor performance and create strategies
Advanced Reporting

Gain a deeper understanding of your yoga studio's performance and take strategic actions to ensure its success

With Wellyx Yoga studio software monitor member attendance, revenue, class popularity, and other essential metrics. Identify areas of improvement, understand member preferences, and tailor your offerings to meet their needs.

Waiting Lists Icon

24/7 Access Control

Ensure that your studio is accessible to members at any time while maintaining a controlled environment.

Online Widget Bookings

Digital Forms & Waivers

Our system makes it easy to collect & manage information, ensuring efficient registration process.

Mobile App Based Icon

Mobile Apps

With our intuitive and user-friendly apps, your members can conveniently manage their yoga practice on the go.

Analytic & Conversion Data Icon

Analytics & Conversion Data

Understand trends, track key metrics, and make decisions to optimize your studio's strategies.

Attendance Tracking Icon

Attendance Tracking

Stay organized, ensure class availability, and provide a smooth experience for both members and staff.

Facility Rental​ Icon

Facility & Asset Rental

With Wellyx Yoga studio software manage bookings, availability, and pricing, making it convenient for yourself & those interested in renting.

GEO Tagging Icon

GEO Tagging

With our yoga studio software get real-time insights into staff whereabout, ensure efficient operations at your yoga studio.

Easy-to-operate Loyalty Program Icon

Easy-to-operate Loyalty Program

Create and manage loyalty rewards, encourage member engagement for long-term relationships.

Google Calendar Integration Icon

Google Calendar Integration

Sync your yoga studio's activities with Google Calendar for seamless coordination and easy access.

Custom Memberships & Packages

Create plans that cater to the specific requirements of your yoga studio

By providing custom memberships and packages, you can attract a wider range of yogis, accommodate different budgets, and foster long-term relationships. Wellyx Yoga studio software can help you easily modify membership durations, adjust pricing, and add or remove classes, ensuring that your offerings always meet the changing needs of your members.

Yoga studio software with customizable memberships and packages
yoga studio software training icon

Personal Training

Simplify your training services with specialized tools to schedule sessions, track progress, and communicate with your yoga students.

Classes & Events

Classes & Events

Efficiently manage and organize your yoga classes and events, from scheduling and registration to attendance tracking.

Product Management icon

Product Management

Simplify the management and sale of yoga products within your studio with integrated inventory tracking.

Yoga studio software with an efficient pos system

Manage your yoga studio's retail operations with Wellyx Yoga studio software's comprehensive POS system

Our Point-of-Sale (POS) solution is designed to enhance your retail experience and maximize sales opportunities. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily process transactions, manage inventory, and track sales in a seamless and efficient manner.
Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Our platform enables you to tailor membership benefits to meet the unique needs of your yoga community.

Refunds & Tips Icon

Refunds & Tips

Our yoga studio software streamlines the process of issuing refunds and enables members to leave tips conveniently.

Yoga Hardware Device Icon

Your Yoga Studio, Your Hardware

Enjoy the flexibility of using your preferred hardware devices that best suit the operations of your yoga studio.

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