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Software specifically for yoga studio owners, our all-in-one solution seamlessly integrates every aspect of your studio operations. With our comprehensive and intuitive platform, you can effortlessly streamline your administrative tasks, optimize scheduling, and enhance communication.

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Experience more than just top-notch yoga studio software. Tap into the expertise of our highly experienced team through regular consultations, leveraging their profound knowledge and your studio’s data to make informed decisions and execute data-driven marketing campaigns.

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Wellyx has been a game-changer for our studio. Since implementing their management software, we have seen a significant improvement in member response and engagement. The automated features, such as class reminders and personalized communication, have helped us stay connected with our members effortlessly. Additionally, the intuitive scheduling and booking system has streamlined our operations, allowing us to manage our studio more efficiently. Thanks to Wellyx, we have experienced tremendous growth and have been able to provide a better experience for our yoga studio members.

Sarah Brown


Embrace the shift and embody a transformative impact on your yoga studio

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For yoga studios with tight deadlines, we offer priority setup assistance as an inclusive service to get you up and running swiftly.

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Enjoy unlimited training and ongoing support until you're fully acquainted with the platform. Additionally, benefit from regular growth consultations.

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Leave the data migration process to us, freeing you from any hassles. Focus on what matters most – your yoga studio's success.

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We believe in flexibility. There are no burdensome long-term contracts, sign-up, or cancellation fees – just one easy-to-manage subscription fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wellyx Yoga studio software is a one-stop shop for all your yoga studio management needs. It automates and streamlines your administrative tasks, so you can focus on what’s important: teaching yoga and running a successful business. With Wellyx, you can say goodbye to the risks associated with manual management, such as human error and data loss.

By simplifying administrative and organizational processes, enhancing member happiness, providing real-time insights, and improving member experience, yoga studio software increases the efficiency of your studio.

Yes, because the yoga studio software offers scalability potential, serves both small and large studios equally.

To effectively manage and correspond to all operations through a centralized platform, our yoga studio software is perfectly suited to accommodate many locations.

Our yoga studio software is a cloudbased program and can be accessed online through a web browser, so there is no need for manual or local installation. We strive to provide everyone with simple access and data management options!

When providing costs for our software, Wellyx keeps things straightforward and open. For more information on our pricing plans, visit our pricing page.

Yes! We support your decisions and provide simple switching between plans so you can decide which one best fits your studio.

Epson Tm-T88Vi Ethernet Printer has been tested in our yoga studio administration system. You can get it from Amazon or any other reputable market vendor. We also support the majority of network-ready printers that can be integrated with Wellyx Yoga; for more information, speak to the customer support officer.

We have made it easy, Now you can import any data to Wellyx Yoga studio management software. For seamless transition and continuity, you may easily import member details including names, contacts, payments, and memberships.

Wellyx takes data security very seriously. We use strong security measures such as encryption, access controls, and routine backups to protect and maintain the confidentiality of your data.

Yoga studio software provides a comprehensive set of tools, including check-in system, attendance reports, and member activity tracking. These features work together to ensure efficient monitoring and management of attendance records.

Yes! Our scheduling feature for yoga studios streamlines staff scheduling and management by creating personalized schedules, assigning tasks, and closely tracking attendance and performance. This optimization enhances workforce efficiency and productivity.

Yoga studio software is designed to accommodate diverse membership options and flexible pricing, allowing you to tailor your offerings according to your studio’s unique needs. Easily manage multiple membership types and customize pricing to deliver a seamless membership experience with Wellyx Yoga.

Our yoga studio billing software ensures hassle-free payment processing with its automated billing and secure payment options. Gain full control over your financials and enhance cash flow while safeguarding payment security through our reliable payment gateways.

Wellyx simplifies class scheduling and management by providing an intuitive platform to create schedules and efficiently assign instructors. Streamline training sessions and optimize your studio’s class offerings with ease.

Members enjoy the convenience of booking and reserving their class spots effortlessly through our user-friendly mobile app or member portal. This feature not only improves their overall experience but also enhances class management for your studio.

Yes! Our software facilitates automated notifications and reminders, empowering you to send customized and scheduled messages to enhance communication and member engagement.

Yoga studio software provides a wide array of communication channels to interact with your members effectively. You can send tailored messages, updates, and announcements via email, push notifications, or SMS, ensuring seamless and convenient communication.

Yoga studio software efficiently handles member registrations and waivers, streamlining the entire onboarding process for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Certainly! Yoga studio software offers a dedicated yoga studio app for both members and staff. This app makes it easy to use essential features such as member profiles, class bookings, notifications, & staff management.

Yoga studio software enhances member retention by facilitating personalized communication, targeted marketing, engagement tools, reward programs, and analytics. It empowers your yoga studio to connect with members, execute effective marketing campaigns, foster community, incentivize loyalty, and make data-driven decisions to foster growth.

Certainly! Our lead management module simplifies lead conversion for yoga studios with lead tracking and automated follow-up features, effortlessly transforming more leads into paying members.

Our yoga marketing tool provides detailed analytics and insights to help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. You can track key metrics, monitor the performance of your campaigns, and make data-driven decisions to improve your results over time.

Our automated marketing workflows & drip campaigns let you set up pre-defined sequences of emails or messages to be sent at specific intervals for targeted and personalized communication. This can help you streamline your marketing efforts and effectively engage with leads and members.

Yes! Utilize our yoga studio software to create personalized offers and discounts, driving membership growth for your yoga studio by attracting new members and encouraging sign-ups.

Absolutely! Yoga studio software provides automated sales follow-ups and reminders, enhancing operational efficiency.

With yoga studio software, you have the flexibility to create personalized sales pipelines and stages, ensuring that the sales process aligns perfectly with your specific business requirements.

By utilizing yoga studio software, you can automate sales follow-ups and reminders, enabling prompt communication with leads and improving the efficiency of your lead management process, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.

Our software offers a convenient centralized database, allowing you to store and access customer information efficiently, ensuring effective management of customer data in an organized manner.

Absolutely! Our software enables you to handle contracts and agreements with members through online signing and digital documentation, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process.

Yes, with Wellyx you can enjoy features such as automated membership renewal reminders and prompt notifications, leading to improved membership retention by streamlining the renewal process.

Wellyx Yoga studio software provides powerful analytics and reporting to optimize sales performance and drive business growth.

Our yoga studio software seamlessly integrates with widely-used payment gateways and merchant services such as Stripe, Go Cardless, and Paytabs, ensuring a flexible and efficient payment processing experience.

With membership feature, you can effortlessly establish automatic recurring billing for memberships, streamlining payment collection and offering a convenient and hassle-free payment experience for your yoga studio members.

Certainly! Wellyx Yoga studio software empowers you to generate and directly send invoices to your members, streamlining the invoicing process and ensuring a convenient experience for both your studio and its members.

Absolutely! yoga studio software provides an easy-to-use interface for setting up various pricing plans and membership discounts. This feature allows you to cater to your members’ specific needs and preferences while offering them flexible options.

Our yoga studio software allows for prorated payments for members who sign up mid-month. This ensures that new members are only charged for the days remaining in the billing cycle.

Indeed! The software simplifies payment tracking and management, granting you visibility into payment history and facilitating efficient resolution of any outstanding payment matters.

Wellyx provides comprehensive refund and cancellation management features, streamlining the process of handling refund requests and membership cancellations for yoga studio owners. This ensures a smooth and efficient experience for both members and staff.

Our yoga studio software equips yoga studio owners with powerful discount and promotional tools, allowing them to effectively attract and retain members through the creation and monitoring of various discount offers.

Absolutely! Utilizing our gift card tool for yoga studios, you can effortlessly create and manage promotional offers, rewards, and incentives for existing members and potential customers. This provides a convenient solution for boosting engagement and driving sales.

Wellyx Yoga studio software ensures secure payment processing through features like recurring billing and balance tracking. With its robust capabilities, you can securely process payments and manage memberships, enhancing the efficiency of your studio’s financial operations.

Our dedicated customer support team is here to assist you 24/7 throughout the setup process. We provide onboarding training and continuous support to ensure a seamless experience for you.

Yoga studio owners prefer our software for its convenience and efficiency. With a quick setup and minimal training, you can swiftly launch and operate your business smoothly.

Rest assured; our support team is just a call away if you face any post-setup issues or have questions.

We’ve got you covered! Our team will expertly handle your data migration from your previous software to ours, ensuring a hassle-free process. Enjoy the convenience of seamlessly importing your data as part of our software setup.

For your convenience, we offer round-the-clock technical support, so we’re always available to assist you whenever you need us.

Our support services are entirely free, including support calls, onboarding training, and migration processes. We are committed to providing comprehensive coverage for all your needs.

While our yoga studio software is designed to effectively enhance and expand your business operations, we understand that individual circumstances and business models may vary. If you have any concerns about compatibility, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Feel free to reach out to our 24/7 customer service for any assistance or questions you may have, or utilize our extensive collection of support articles to find the guidance you need on your path to success.

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