Yoga studio software with loyalty program feature

Yoga studio software with loyalty program feature built Exclusively for Yoga Studios

Earn Points on Studio Visits and Activities

Keep your members active and let them reap the rewards using yoga studio software

Motivate your members to stay connected with yoga studio software design a program that allows them to earn points on every visit, attending classes and participating in activities.

Wellyx yoga studio software with rewards system for motivating members
Points for progress
Yoga studio software with customizable reward programs
Points tracking, loyalty unlocked
Points Tracking with Yoga Studio Software

Create reward & loyalty programs with our yoga software-built reward program feature

Design a program that aligns with your studio’s goals, incentivize referrals and member activities, and gain valuable insights through our intuitive dashboard and reports.
Yoga studio software for easy tracking and strategizing of rewards

Introduce an accessible reward program, where members can earn points for studio visits and completing their activities, allow them to redeem exciting rewards, and let yourself track rewards easily for better strategies with yoga studio software.

Powerful Referral Program

Eliminate the need for multiple software solutions

Motivate your members to refer their friends, family, or colleagues to your yoga studio, allowing them to earn additional points and actively participate in various yoga studio initiatives.
wellyx yoga studio software with all in-one referral reward program
One solution, endless referrals
Wellyx yoga studio software for engaging customer with reward point system
Engagement meets rewards
Improve Engagement & Experience

Using yoga studio software provide your members with rewards for their engagement and efforts

Our loyalty rewards program for yoga allows members to redeem their earned points for exclusive yoga studio experiences and activities.
Wellyx Yoga Studio Software Customer Feedback Yoga Fit

I cannot recommend Wellyx enough for yoga studio owners. This software has revolutionized the way I run my business. The online booking system has made scheduling and managing classes a breeze, while the automated reminders have drastically reduced no-shows.

Emily Patel


Frequently Asked Questions

With yoga studio software, you can enable your members to easily redeem their earned points, providing them with added motivation to actively engage and participate in your studio activities.

By customizing reward programs for each membership or class, you can ensure that the rewards perfectly align with the preferences and goals of your members.

By implementing a points-based system, using Wellyx, you can encourage members and clients to stay dedicated to their yoga studio journey while enjoying an improved overall experience at your yoga studio.

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