Complete management with yoga asset and facility rental software

Yoga studio software with facility management built Exclusively for Yoga Studios

Rent Personal Training Spaces

Maximize the utility of your facilities and unlock new growth opportunities

Set up and manage services for personal training spaces, enabling you to generate additional revenue without the need for extra square footage.
Yoga studio software for renting training spaces
From spaces to profits
Yoga studio software with facility rental management

Schedule classes, 1 on 1 training, facilities, and assets all from one centralized yoga assets rental software accessible online and through mobile apps. Filter views between staff, classes, training sessions, and facilities, and save your favorites for personalized management.

Automate Scheduling and Reminders

No more manual reminders as our automated system takes care of it all

Enjoy improved efficiency, reduced errors, and increased member satisfaction with timely notifications and seamless scheduling capabilities with yoga assets rental software.

Yoga studio software with automated scheduling and reminders
Timely notifications, smooth scheduling
Wellyx Yoga Studio Software Customer Feedback Yoga Balance

Wellyx has been a game-changer for our studio. Since implementing their management software, we have seen a significant improvement in member response and engagement. The automated features, such as class reminders and personalized communication, have helped us stay connected with our members effortlessly. Additionally, the intuitive scheduling and booking system has streamlined our operations, allowing us to manage our studio more efficiently. Thanks to Wellyx, we have experienced tremendous growth and have been able to provide a better experience for our members.

Sarah Brown


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