Increase your membership base and drive revenue with a comprehensive marketing solution for yoga studios

Yoga studio software with marketing automation built Exclusively for Yoga Studios

Complete Yoga Studio Marketing Solution

Drive improved results by uniting teams and connecting with your leads and members

Our Wellyx Yoga studio software brings together all your tools and data in one connected platform. Experience seamless integration and enhanced collaboration.

Wellyx Yoga Studio Software Complete Marketing Solution
Embrace connectivity and collaboration
Yoga Studio Software With Email Campaigns Management
Path to email marketing excellence
Revolutionize Your Email Campaigns

Our yoga studio software will help you track targeted campaigns that capture attention and generate tangible outcomes

With our user-friendly platform, you’ll experience a seamless and intuitive email marketing process, connecting you with your audience and achieving your marketing goals.

Text Message Campaigns

Create SMS marketing campaigns and engage your members in 1-on-1 conversations

Enjoy the ease, speed, and reliability of our intuitive interface, equipped with features to enhance your SMS communication efforts.
Yoga Studio Software With SMS Campaigns Management
Engage members with ease and speed
Wellyx Yoga Studio Software Providing Marketing Solution

Access key benchmarks such as delivery, opens, clicks, and conversions. Make informed decisions and optimize your marketing strategies based on valuable insights provided by our software. Simplify your strategies, boost member engagement, and drive growth with our comprehensive yoga studio software.

Push Notification Campaigns

Harness our industry expertise to create and send successful push notification campaigns

Reach out to specific members with targeted push notifications or set up automated notification campaigns for special occasions. Wellyx Yoga studio software will help enhance member engagement and retention with timely and personalized communications.

Yoga studio software with push notification campaigns management
Personalized and automated push notifications
Yoga studio software with WhatsApp Integration
Drive conversions with targeted automation
Yoga Studio Marketing with WhatsApp

Use WhatsApp to send effective marketing messages and engage in personalized conversations

Embrace the convenience, efficiency, and dependability of our WhatsApp integration. Our yoga studio software’s user-friendly interface and strong functionality amplify the effectiveness of your WhatsApp communication activities.

Autopilot & Drip Campaigns

Put your yoga studio on autopilot and drive membership sales

Utilize our yoga studio software’s marketing automation for your yoga studio to create targeted drip campaigns based on lead and member actions. Send the right message at the right time, ensuring a personalized and engaging experience for your audience.

Wellyx yoga studio software for automated drip campaigns management
Boost engagement with Whatsapp and grow your studio
Wellyx Yoga Studio Software Customer Feedback Yoga Leaf

The online booking system has been a hit with my clients, allowing them to easily reserve their spots and receive automated reminders. The customer support has been exceptional, with prompt responses and helpful guidance. Wellyx has truly elevated my studio’s efficiency and professionalism.

Samantha Lee


Frequently Asked Questions

Yoga studio software empowers you to create personalized marketing campaigns and implement specific rules for their execution. Take control of your marketing strategies with Wellyx Yoga’s customizable features.

With yoga studio software, you can easily create automated marketing campaigns that send messages at scheduled intervals or in response to specific events.

Create captivating pop-ups for your promotions effortlessly with Wellyx’s user-friendly pop-up builder feature, enhancing engagement and visual appeal.

Yoga studio software enables you to create dedicated pages with online widgets, enhancing your online presence. Additionally, you can integrate these widgets into your website, ensuring seamless engagement with your offerings for your members.

Our software enables you to track essential metrics like open, click-through, and conversion rates, providing valuable insights to measure campaign effectiveness, optimize marketing strategies, and achieve improved results.

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