Improvise your yoga studio and create a customer experience that leaves a lasting impression

A seamless member experience Exclusively for Yoga Studios

Yoga studio software with QR code entry
QR Code Access

No more long queues or delays at the front desk with our yoga studio software.

Members can swiftly scan their codes and proceed to their classes, allowing your staff to focus on providing exceptional service and a welcoming environment.
Yoga Waiting Lists Icon

Waiting Lists

Never miss out on a spot! Our system automatically notifies members when openings become available.

Express Bookings Icon

Express Bookings

Allow members to make reservations with just a few clicks.

Split Payments Icon

Split Payments

Offer your members the convenience of splitting their payment methods.

Multiple Payment Methods Icon

Multiple Payment Methods

Whether it's credit cards, bank transfers, you can provide the flexibility for members to choose their preferred payment option.

Easy Reschedule Options Icon

Effortless Rescheduling

Through online profiles, you can allow members to effortlessly reschedule their bookings or classes with just a few clicks.

Branded Apps Icon

Branded Mobile Apps

Your members can download these apps and access all the features and services your studio offers right at their fingertips.

Member Specific Offers Icon

Personalized Member Offers

You can create tailored offers for members, including exclusive discounts on classes, products, or personal training sessions.

Automatic Refunds Icon

Automatic Refunds

Eliminate the need for manual processing and ensures a prompt and hassle-free refund experience for your members.

Partial Payments Icon

Partial Payments

With Wellyx Yoga studio software's partial payments feature you can allow members to make purchases and pay in installments.

Classes, Events, Bookings & Products

Promote exciting events & special sessions to keep members engaged

Simplify class management, from scheduling to attendance tracking, and engage your members with exciting events and workshops. With Wellyx Yoga studio software expand your offerings with integrated product management, making it simple to sell yoga-related products.

Yoga studio software to simplify yoga class management and bookings
Online Widget Bookings Icon

Online Widget Bookings

Enable hassle-free online booking for your members by integrating a user-friendly widget on your website.

App Based Purchases Icon

App Based Purchases

From class passes to merchandise, allow your members to buy what they need from their mobile app.

Family & Friends Icon

Family & Friends

Whether it's a shared membership or a group event, simplify the process of sharing payment methods.

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