Take your studio to new heights with yoga lead management system

Yoga software with lead management built Exclusively for Yoga Studios

Optimize Lead Generation

Capture and nurture leads with our intuitive yoga lead management

Our platform includes an easy-to-use editor that allows you to create custom forms for gathering essential information. Integrate with Wellyx Yoga’s CRM to efficiently organize and segment your lead data. Create targeted campaigns and easily score leads.
Yoga software for easy lead nurturing
Perfect software for lead capturing
Yoga software for providing yoga sales analytics
Simplify sales piplelines
Sales Performance Analytics

Drive results with our specialized yoga lead management system

Assign leads to specific campaigns and gain valuable insights into campaign performance through detailed analytics. Understand which strategies are driving results and identify areas that require improvement, helping you optimize your conversions effectively.
yoga software to manage lead sales

Boost your lead conversion rates by leveraging our comprehensive yoga software's CRM, designed to unite your entire team. Wellyx empowers your team to work together seamlessly, maximizing efficiency throughout the entire lead management process.

Create Custom Strategies

Achieve your membership sales targets with ease using our CRM platform

Create personalized strategies to attract and convert potential members. Yoga lead management software provides a systematic approach for executing outreach across multiple channels, allowing your team to follow up with context and initiate new conversations at scale.

Yoga studio software to achieve membership sales target
Manage and expand your outreach efforts
Yoga studio software for multi-channel lead management
Unlock the full potential of personalized engagement
Engage Across Multiple Channels

Engage with potential members across various channels without losing focus

Automate tasks and create tailored communication plans for bulk emails, app notifications, SMS texts, and WhatsApp messages. Yoga lead management software’s integrated call dialer helps you quickly connect with leads, maximizing your chances of conversion.

Wellyx Yoga Studio Software Customer Feedback Yoga Fit

I cannot recommend Wellyx enough for yoga studio owners. This software has revolutionized the way I run my business. The online booking system has made scheduling and managing classes a breeze, while the automated reminders have drastically reduced no-shows.

Emily Patel


Frequently Asked Questions

Yoga software provides a convenient solution for lead management through the creation of sequences. These sequences automate follow-up emails, reminders, and other communication, enhancing lead nurturing and improving conversion rates.

Our lead capture widget offers seamless integration with your website or landing pages, enabling potential leads to conveniently submit their information, including name and email address, for easy collection and management within the system.

The call dialer feature in yoga studio software simplifies lead management by enabling direct calls from the system.

Yoga lead management software offers lead assignment functionality, allowing you to automate the process of assigning leads to specific team members based on predefined rules and criteria. This feature streamlines lead management and ensures efficient distribution within your team.

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