Build strong connections with video-on-demand

Yoga studio software with video on demand Exclusively for Yoga Studios

Gain a competitive advantage

Stay connected to your members and attract new customers

Upload customized and quality video content to stay connected with your existing members and target new customers with specific videos and offers.

Yoga studio software with video-on-demand to connect with customers
Engage more to retain more
Yoga studio software's personalized widget for video-on-demand
Customize the way you want
An unmatchable customer experience

Create highly personalized videos for your members

You can ensure continuous access to on-demand video content for your members. Effortlessly upload videos using the software and offer seamless user access through your website and custom app, guaranteeing an outstanding viewing experience.

yoga studio software with video on demand

Strengthen your business with our all-encompassing yoga studio software’s VoD feature. Easily share your invaluable expertise, offering 24/7 access to quality video content through our user-friendly widget and personalized mobile app.

Customize your playlist

Create unlimited customized playlists for your members

Your wealth of knowledge is ready to be shared with your members. With our gym software’s VoD feature, you can easily distribute essential insights, fitness content, tips, and instructional videos.
Yoga studio software's video-on-demand feature to get more conversions
Unlimited playlists
Yoga studio software with complete control of video-on-demand feature
Increase your revenue
Keep complete control

On-demand library, live stream, or courses?

Create limitless courses and online libraries customized to meet your members’ needs, boosting revenue while enhancing member engagement and loyalty.
Wellyx Yoga Studio Software Customer Feedback Yoga Fit

I cannot recommend Wellyx enough for yoga studio owners. This software has revolutionized the way I run my business. The online booking system has made scheduling and managing classes a breeze, while the automated reminders have drastically reduced no-shows.

Emily Patel


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