Enhance security and streamline access at your yoga studio with our yoga access control system

Yoga studio software with access control built Exclusively for Yoga Studios

Smart Security for Your Yoga Studio

Gain valuable real-time usage data and insights with our yoga studio software

With seamless communication between Wellyx Yoga studio’s hardware and software, you gain instant access to real-time data, offering enhanced insights into the security and utilization of your facilities.

Yoga studio software with smart security solution
Stay one step ahead
Yoga studio software providing uninterrupted entry to yoga studio
Always open, always connected
Uninterrupted Access with Yoga Studio Software

Our access control system ensures uninterrupted access to your yoga studio

Wellyx Yoga studio’s smart access control reader can perform necessary checks locally to authorize entry, providing a seamless experience for your members even without internet.

Yoga studio software for effortlessly managing yoga studio

Effortlessly manage your yoga studio with our all-in-one yoga studio software solution. Configure specific access levels throughout your facility, provision access in real-time, and gain valuable insights on member activity. With our intuitive interface, you can oversee your studio from anywhere, at any time.

Seamless Yoga Studio Check-In System

Ensure a seamless entry experience for your members with our access control hardware

Our yoga studio software’s check-in system supports multiple access methods, including mobile phones, cards, fobs, and wristbands, providing flexibility and convenience for your yoga studio community.

Yoga studio software with a seamless check-in for yoga members
Effortless entry, elevated experiences
Wellyx yoga studio software with a 24/7 touchless entry for yoga studios
Integrate, access, thrive
24/7, Touch Less Entry

All-in-one integrated access solution for yoga studios

Enhance productivity levels at your yoga studio with interconnected software and hardware, providing a comprehensive solution for access control and management.
Wellyx Yoga Studio Software Customer Feedback Yoga Fit

I cannot recommend Wellyx enough for yoga studio owners. This software has revolutionized the way I run my business. The online booking system has made scheduling and managing classes a breeze, while the automated reminders have drastically reduced no-shows.

Emily Patel


Frequently Asked Questions

Members have the option to use their mobile phones, Bluetooth/NFC cards, or fobs to unlock doors conveniently, providing them with the flexibility to select their preferred method.
With the time-based restrictions feature, you have the ability to set specific time slots for member access, enabling efficient management of facility usage in your yoga studio. This ensures that members can only access the designated areas during their allotted time, providing effective control and organization.

Our yoga studio software seamlessly integrates with a range of door systems, including strike locks and turnstiles, ensuring compatibility and easy implementation for your yoga studio.

Yes! The access control feature in yoga studio software enables you to monitor and review access logs, enhances security by keeping a record of member entry activity, and provides valuable insights into member engagement and yoga studio usage patterns.

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