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Improve your email campaigns with our intuitive email template builder

With our yoga studio software send personalized messages, newsletters, and updates that resonate with your members and keep them engaged in your yoga community.

Wellyx yoga studio software with client engagement through emails
SMS Text Icon

SMS Text

Reach your members instantly via SMS texts and keep them informed about upcoming events, special offers, and important announcements.

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Connect with your members through their preferred messaging platform and build strong relationships.

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Push Notifications

Keep your members informed by sending timely reminders, encouraging participation in special events, and offering exclusive promotions.

Yoga studio software to capture valuable data for yoga marketing
Data Capturing

Simplify the process of data collection and gain valuable insights

Start capturing and utilizing valuable data collected via customized forms to enhance your marketing efforts and engage your audience effectively with Wellyx Yoga studio software.

Page Builder Icon

Page Builder

Showcase your best by our page builder that empowers you to create engaging and captivating pages.

Pop-up Builder Icon

Pop-up Builder

Promote special offers, collect email subscriptions, or deliver important announcements with creative pop-ups.

Google & Facebook Integration Icon

Google & Facebook Integration

Track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, measure conversions, and gain valuable insights via Google & Facebook.

Custom Contact Lists Icon

Custom Contact Lists

Using Wellyx Yoga studio software stay connected with potential members through intergrated lead capturing forms.

Member Tags Icon

Member Specific Tags

Deliver targeted messages & personalized content to keep your yoga studio members motivated.

AI Generated Content Icon

AI Generated Content

Let our AI technology assist you in creating compelling content that resonates with your audience.

Custom Contact Lists for Yoga Studio Icon

Marketing Insights Dashboard

Get open and read receipts to measure engagement and optimize your communication strategies.

Yoga Member Specific Tags Icon

Unique Workflows

Send targeted messages, and guide your leads step-by-step towards becoming active members.

AI Generated Content Icon

An Accelerated Customer Journey

Simplify the conversion process and increase your membership base with ease.

Retention Tools

Maximize member retention and reduce churn with Wellyx Yoga studio software's powerful retention tools

Through personalized communication, automated reminders, progress tracking, and targeted offers, you can enhance member retention and ensure long-term success.
Yoga studio software with member retention to ensure success
Loyalty Program Icon

Loyalty Program

Offer exclusive benefits, or special rewards, to encourage long-term commitment with your yoga studio.

Promo & Discount Codes Icon

Promo & Discount Codes

Easily manage promotional campaigns and create unique codes to offer discounts or incentives to potential and existing members.

Retention Tracking Icon

Retention Tracking

Get insightful data and analytics from our software that help you understand member behaviors, preferences, and engagement patterns.

Wellyx Yoga studio software with multi-channel marketing strategies
Multi-channel Journey

Maximize your marketing efforts and drive member conversions

With Wellyx Yoga studio software reach your audience through multiple communication channels, including email, SMS, and social media, ensuring your message connects with them when they’re most responsive. Compose your messaging based on demographics and preferences, and automate campaigns to nurture leads throughout their member journey.

Trigger-based Communication Icon

Trigger-Based Communication

Our software enables you to automate personalized messages to your members ensuring timely and relevant interactions.

Precise Delay Control Icon

Precise Delay Control

Whether it's sending a follow-up email after a specific period or delivering a reminder message get the flexibility to optimize your strategy.

Action Based Split Journeys Icon

Action-Based Split Journeys

Tailor your messaging based on how members interact with your yoga studio, based on individual actions with our action-based split journeys feature.

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