Manage operations with inventory management software for yoga studio

Yoga studio software with inventory management built Exclusively for Yoga Studios

Take Control of Your Yoga Studio's Inventory

Access and update your yoga studio's entire inventory with our user-friendly software

With yoga inventory management software3’s centralized platform, you can group and oversee all your products, ensuring efficient tracking and eliminating the risk of losing track of your inventory.

Yoga studio software for inventory control
From chaos to control
Wellyx yoga studio software for tracking Inventory
Track. optimize. succeed
Track Your Yoga Studio Inventory

Don't let poor inventory tracking hinder your yoga studio's success

Our yoga studio inventory management system empowers you to track every item, maintain optimal stock levels, and avoid wasted stock.

Yoga studio software with data-driven inventory management

Experience real-time data to optimize your yoga studio's inventory management. Our yoga studio inventory management system provides valuable insights that enable you to make intelligent decisions regarding stock volume and pricing. With proactive and data-driven choices, you can drive the success of your yoga studio and ensure a seamless inventory management process.

Streamline Your Yoga Studio's Inventory Processes

Efficiently manage every aspect of your yoga studio's inventory with our integrated solution

Our yoga studio inventory management system seamlessly integrates with the point of sale (POS), members portal, and mobile apps, streamlining inventory processes and ensuring synchronization across platforms and locations.

Yoga studio software an inventory solution for streamlined processes
Manage your yoga studio's inventory with Confidence
Yoga studio software with Vendor management for Yoga Studio
One platform, complete control
Simplify Vendor Management

Consolidate your vendor transactions in one convenient platform

Wellyx yoga inventory management software enables you to create and approve purchase orders efficiently, track deliveries and invoices, and enjoy complete traceability.

Wellyx Yoga Studio Software Customer Feedback Yoga Balance

Wellyx has been a game-changer for our studio. Since implementing their management software, we have seen a significant improvement in member response and engagement. The automated features, such as class reminders and personalized communication, have helped us stay connected with our members effortlessly. Additionally, the intuitive scheduling and booking system has streamlined our operations, allowing us to manage our studio more efficiently. Thanks to Wellyx, we have experienced tremendous growth and have been able to provide a better experience for our members.

Sarah Brown


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! yoga studio software enables you to track usage, monitor stock levels, and keep updated about the availability of different products you sell at your yoga studio.

The software enables you to easily create purchase orders, communicate seamlessly with suppliers, and efficiently track the procurement process, streamlining your entire purchasing workflow.

Yes, theyoga inventory management software
supports barcode scanning so that you can track inventory more efficiently and accurately.

With yoga software, you can easily set up low-stock alerts by defining threshold levels for inventory items. Once the stock quantity falls below the specified threshold, the software will automatically notify you, enabling you to take timely action.

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