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Generate revenue by renting out your yoga studio space for online yoga studios

Unify, simplify, amplify your all-in-one scheduler

Managing your yoga studios and growing them virtually requires a complete management procedure. For that, you need more than just a passion for yoga, you need a reliable yoga studio software customer relationship management (crm) system.

Our yoga studio software offers a supercharged scheduling tool for your online yoga studios that unifies your staff, assets, and facilities on a single platform. With this all-in-one scheduler, you can easily operate all your studio’s operations and manage your resources efficiently.

Yoga studio software rationalizes your studio process, whether you’re scheduling yoga instructors for online classes, booking studio space for personal sessions, or renting out your equipment like mats, towels, and props for your online yoga sessions. This scheduler ensures that everything runs smoothly and your online yoga studio operates efficiently.

Your yoga studio's potential with lease serenity and flexibility

For online yoga studios, renting facilities and assets can be a game-changer. Our yoga studio software makes the facility rental feature a breeze. With this, you can easily list your studio spaces, props, or available equipment for rent directly through our yoga studio software platform. This approach will generate additional revenue for your studio and encourage a sense of community among your members.

Just imagine that you are offering your online yoga members the option to rent a peaceful studio space for virtual classes or provide high-quality yoga equipment for their home practice. Would it be better to earn extra money benefiting your business? Our yoga studio software allows you to do it. This will automatically enhance your yoga members’ overall experience.

yoga studio software with facility rental for online yoga studio

Many online yoga studios often struggle with some common problems. One of them is management. Managing resources is tough for some yoga studios because of scheduling conflicts, double bookings, and messy studio environments.

With a robust facility rental feature, our yoga studio software has a unified scheduler that helps you manage your studio’s resources effectively. With a centralized platform, you can easily allocate studio space, equipment, and props, eventually reducing the risk of overbookings and conflicts.

Generating revenue can be challenging for online yoga studios, especially during times of insufficient attendance or unpredictable closures. Finding new resources for income at that time becomes essential for sustainability.

Our yoga studio software’s facility rental feature allows your online yoga studio to rent out your studio spaces and equipment to generate additional revenue for the betterment of your studio. This feature helps in the sharing economy and allows monetizing resources.

It becomes complicated to manage and create a class schedule for yoga members and instructors simultaneously. Your online yoga studio needs a proper scheduling system that is easy to use and prevents scheduling errors and omissions.

Welcome to your friend in this difficult time, “yoga studio software,” our software offers a friendly drag-and-drop interface to be operated by any user simplifying your class schedule. This feature allows studios to modify and manage classes and resources smoothly, eventually reducing errors and saving time.

It’s hard to build a sense of community and emotional connection among online yoga members without being physically present. Hence, online yoga studio needs a way to counter a sense of strong connection between yoga instructors and yoga members.

Our yoga studio software acts as your knight in shining armor by providing a facility rental option that enables studios to offer shared studio spaces and resources for online yoga classes. This eventually generates income and a sense of community as yoga members can virtually come together in a shared studio environment.

Running an online studio requires flexibility, as it operates online, and its fast-paced nature lacks managing resources, schedules, and offers. Therefore, traditional software lacks the adaptability that is needed to meet changing demands.

This is where our sturdy yoga studio software jumps in, providing flexibility to adapt to evolving circumstances. Yoga studio owners can now easily make real-time changes to their offerings, which ensures their online yoga studio remains responsive to customers’ need.

yoga studio software with facility rental for online yoga studios

Finding balance for your yoga studio?

Functioning in any yoga studio is important by resourcing a smooth management system, whether online or in-person. Our yoga studio software makes scheduling resources as smooth as butting bread. Now, you can easily allocate specific resources like towels, mats, props, and even staff to classes or slots.

Our facility rental feature ensures that a specific resource is available for your online yoga studio sessions, which helps you avoid multiple bookings and scheduling clashes. It’s a robust tool for maintaining a professional transaction and is reliable for your online yoga studio.

Unleash the magic of drag and drop!

Every customer prefers a tool that is easy to use. Therefore, we have introduced the drag-and-drop feature in our yoga studio software. This is one of the standout features and simplifies your scheduling process, making it easy for you to create, modify, or reschedule classes and resource allocations with a few clicks.

Wellyx yoga studio software crm system is a complete package of solutions, tailoring the needs of online yoga studios. It’s facility rental feature, combined with a resource scheduling drag and drop interface, empowers studio owners to manage their online yoga studio businesses efficiently.

Get ready to optimize your online yoga studio crm system and unlock its full potential for your yoga studios today. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to thrive in the digital yoga landscape.

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