Access control software for hot yoga studios

Introducing Wellyx’s yoga software with access control, a powerful solution designed exclusively for hot yoga studios, ensuring smooth entry, robust security, and easy management.

Insights for informed decisions

Data is the currency of informed decisions. Wellyx’s yoga software provides an insightful lens into your studio’s activities. With real-time usage data at your fingertips, you gain a deep understanding of member engagement and studio utilization patterns. This information isn’t just numbers, it’s the key to refining your strategies and creating memorable experiences that resonate with your members.

Hot yoga studios often buzz with activity, making efficient management a priority. Our yoga software with access control serves as the ultimate management tool, bringing a range of benefits to studio owners. From configuring access levels across the facility to provisioning real-time access, this intuitive software enables you to oversee your studio’s operations with unparalleled ease.

Managing peak hours like a pro

Peak hours can be a challenge for any yoga studio. With our access control system, you gain the upper hand in managing these busy times. The time-based restrictions feature allows you to allocate specific time slots for member access. This ensures efficient space utilization, giving each member their dedicated practice time while optimizing the studio’s capacity.

Moreover, one of the concerns with adopting new technology is compatibility. Wellyx’s yoga software smoothly integrates with a variety of door systems, including strike locks and turnstiles. This compatibility eliminates the need for major overhauls and makes the implementation process simpler. Your studio’s operations will continue smoothly, enhanced by the power of technology.

Yoga software with access control for hot yoga studio

Smart security for your peace of mind

With the growing need for security in yoga studios, our Yoga Studio Software offers a comprehensive access control system. This system is designed to provide 24/7 controlled access, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter your studio premises. The smooth communication between our yoga software and hardware provides you with real-time data, giving you enhanced insights into the security and utilization of your facilities.

Uninterrupted access, anytime, anywhere

Imagine a yoga studio that’s always open and always connected. Wellyx’s yoga software ensures uninterrupted access for your members, even when internet connectivity is limited. Thanks to our smart access control reader, necessary checks are performed locally to authorize entry, providing a smooth experience for your members.

Effortless management, wherever you are

Managing a yoga studio has never been easier. Wellyx’s all-in-one yoga software enables you to effortlessly oversee every aspect of your studio. From configuring specific access levels throughout your facility to provisioning access in real-time, our intuitive interface gives you the control you need – no matter where you are.

Check-in for enhanced experiences

First impressions matter, and our access control hardware ensures a smooth entry experience for your members. Supporting multiple access methods including mobile phones, cards, Bluetooth, and NFC, our software provides flexibility and convenience for your yoga community. 

24/7 Touchless entry 

In the era of touchless interactions, Wellyx’s yoga software goes above and beyond. With our 24/7 touchless entry feature, members can enter the studio easily, enhancing safety and convenience. Our software and hardware work seamlessly together, providing an integrated access solution that promotes productivity and security.

Customized access for flexibility

Our yoga software’s access control feature offers a range of methods for members to access your studio. Whether they prefer using their mobile phones, Bluetooth/NFC cards, or fobs, the choice is theirs. This flexibility ensures a comfortable and personalized experience for every member.

Efficient time-based access

Struggling to manage peak hours? Our access control feature comes to the rescue. With time-based restrictions, you can set specific time slots for member access. This efficient feature allows you to manage facility usage effectively, ensuring that members can access designated areas only during their allotted times.

Insights for informed decisions

Make data-driven decisions with ease. Our yoga software’s access control feature enables you to monitor and review access logs, enhancing security by keeping a record of member entry activity. These insights provide valuable information about member engagement and usage patterns, helping you refine your studio operations

Yoga software with access control for hot yoga studios

Protecting what matters

Security isn’t just a feature, it’s a promise we deliver on. Our yoga software with access control offers smart security that safeguards your hot yoga studio around the clock. With controlled access 24/7, you can rest assured that only authorized individuals enter your premises. The flawless communication between our software and hardware keeps you updated in real time, giving you insights into the security and utilization of your facilities.

Imagine a scenario where the internet connection falters, your members’ access shouldn’t be compromised. Our smart access control reader steps in to ensure uninterrupted access. By performing necessary checks locally, it guarantees a smooth experience even without a stable internet connection. This dedication to providing uninterrupted access demonstrates our commitment to enhancing member experiences.

Mastering management with Intuitive Interfaces

Studio owners wear many hats, and managing a hot yoga studio can be a juggling act. Our all-in-one Yoga Software with Access Control simplifies this task, enabling you to manage your studio effortlessly from anywhere. Configure access levels with ease, provision access in real-time, and gain valuable insights into member activity. The intuitive interface empowers you with the tools needed to oversee your studio’s operations seamlessly.

First impressions matter, and our access control hardware ensures a flawless check-in process. Supporting various access methods, including mobile phones, cards, fobs, and wristbands, our software offers the flexibility needed for a diverse yoga community. Members can enter the studio with ease, setting the tone for their practice and leaving them with an elevated experience.

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